What is the Best Method for Bar Glass Washing?

bar glass washing

The bars and restaurants industries are huge. They have been experiencing exponential for years. Statista can provide some useful information on the matter: in 2015 alone, the industry had over 745 billion dollars with around 14 million active workers. Those numbers could easily reach 900 billion by 2020 with as much as 15 million workers. Different factors are at play here. One of them is how well most bars and restaurants maintain a clean environment. Today’s blog will focus on the best method for bar glass washing.

Bar Glass Washing: Five Easy Steps

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  • Before the actual job starts, be sure to properly train your staff. Dirty bar glasses can easily ruin any client’s experience and result in long-term financial losses.
  • Ideally, you must have a sink with three compartments. The first one must have hot water along with washing powder. Make sure the water levels always remain the same. The second one must have cold water and a small, constant stream which will go through the process. The third one must have a good sanitized with some clean, cold water.
  • Empty everything in the first sink’s funnel and start cleaning.
  • In the second sink, carefully rinse the glass by placing it bottom down to make sure no air remains. Do it again in the third sink.
  • Lastly, make sure to air dry the glass.

Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips for an efficient bar glass washing:

  • Always rinse wine or beer puddles before shutting the bar down. Never leave them for the night.
  • Give enough space for the glasses inside the dishwasher to avoid scratches.
  • Rinse the glasses immediately after the dishwasher to remove any detergent particles.
  • Always check whether the glass requires hand-washing.
  • Never go overboard with the detergents or powders.
  • Avoid abrasive detergents. While they can remove watermarks and stains as well as any cleaning product, they can slowly damage the glass.
  • Before starting, use a small cloth to remove dirt on the glass.

A Few Ideal Products for the Job

Glissen Chemical is a company in Brooklyn, New York which highly values its customer’s needs. We can offer you a few ideal products for bar glass washing:

  • Nu-Foam Powder Without Suds is great for underbar electric glass washing machines.
  • Nu-Foam De-Limer Scale Remover can quickly and easily remove hard water from dishes and bar glasses. It is also non-hazardous and acid-free. It can function perfectly fine in ice machines and can clean lime build-up efficiently. You can also use it as an all-purpose cleaner for other industries.
  • Nu-Foam Glass Washing Powder is excellent for bar glass washing. It isn’t dangerous for the hands and allows the glass to dry up without any spots left.

Our Nu-Foam Bar Glassware products are the perfect choice for any restaurant. The glasses will look as if they were new.

Be sure to check our other amazing Nu-Foam products. We have a great heavy duty laundry detergent for any business in the restaurant and hospitality industry as well as more options for the optimal bar glass washing method.