Tips for Bar Glass Washing With a Commercial Dishwasher

If you manage a restaurant or bar, you will know keeping the glasses clean is of vital importance. Missing a single spot could seriously anger a client and cause further issues. Even if the glass utensils are always clean, the process of washing and drying them off could be cost and time inefficient. One minute there might be a single dish; the next one there could be ten. Being able to quickly go through them while maintaining high hygiene standards could be hard at times.

The use of a heavy duty laundry detergent or sanitizing tablets could speed us the process by a lot. Other unique methods for bar glass washing also exist. Our blog will talk about some cool tips you could use to efficiently clean bar glass with a commercial dishwasher.

bar glass washing

Bar Glass Washing Tips

  • Always use gloves to avoid leaving fingertips. After the bar glass washing is ready, the dishes or cups should be 100 percent clear and sparkling. If any fingerprints remain on them, it beats the purpose of cleaning in the first place
  • While it would be great to clean everything at once, there must be enough place in the dishwasher for water. If there is not enough water between every glass item, the effects of sanitizing tablets and detergents will be smaller
  • Maintenance on a regular basis is important. Keep the dishwasher or other devices clean and working by washing the lines and polishing the surfaces often
  • Often check the dishwasher’s seals and ensure everything is stable. If a seal falls off or there is physical damage to the engine, you risk encountering leaks during high capacity cleaning
  • Before cleaning anything, remove any leftovers. Throw them away in the trash, but do not let the washer deal with them. There is a risk the lines might clog and stop working efficiently or at all. Leftovers might sometimes persist after bar glass washing which is annoying
  • Clean glass items as soon as you can. Letting the dishes or cups stay dirty during the night will make them harder to polish. The sooner you do them, the easier it will be

The Perfect Bar Glass Washing Products

A few good products to try out would be:

  • Glissen Chemical’s Nu-Foam Glass Washing Powder. An excellent choice for fast and efficient cleaning. The powder is easy on the hands. Glass surfaces will dry up quickly and leave the dishes shining. If you want to impress your clients, this is the best choice.
  • The Nu-Foam De-Limer Scale Remover. It poses minimal health hazards as there are no acids. This is a great choice if you want to remove hard water buildup from dishes and bar glass washing machines. You can also use it in cold water.
  • Nu-Foam Powder Without Suds. There are no sudsing The powder can easily remove lipstick stains and spots. Another noticeable benefit would be the extended life of your washing machines.


If you want to view more amazing bar glass washing products, you can do it here. Glissen Chemical is proud to offer you top-quality products. Our goal is to bring you efficiency for affordable prices. Our company produces bar glass washing powders, sanitizing tablets, and heavy duty laundry detergent. For any questions, contact us here.