What are Sanitizing Tablets?

Heavy duty laundry detergent, Bar glass washing, Sanitizing tablets

Sanitizing tablets are small and unique products for bar glassware, dishes, cups, pots, pans, and other kitchen and restaurant items. They are also efficient in cleaning ice cream machines and beverage machines. Sanitizing tablets resemble pills. They might be small, but their potential is high as one tablet alone can be enough for two gallons of water.

How To Use Sanitizing Tablets?

A single tablet for two gallons of water will guarantee a 200 ppm sanitizing solution. Before you start, be sure to heat up the water. Always wait at least a few minutes so the tablets can dissolve completely. They are excellent when it comes to bar glass washing.

Here are a few general tips when sanitizing dishes or glasses in your restaurant:

  • Always scrape and prewash the glass
  • Use the best detergents for the job
  • Prepare some clean water and rinse in sink compartment number two
  • Add a solution of one single tablet along with no more than two gallons of hot water in sink compartment number three. Keep the glass in it for around one minute
  • Leave the glass for a while to dry
  • Do the cleaning procedure one or two times per day

Heavy duty laundry detergent, Bar glass washing, Sanitizing tabletsYou can also use the sanitizing tablets for spraying your equipment, sink, or other food contact surfaces. Add more water for a single tablet, as the solution does not need to be as strong as when washing dishes. Always drain as much as possible and leave the surfaces to dry out completely before using them.

Sanitizing tablets, glass washing powders as well as heavy duty laundry detergents are powerful enough to kill germs on sight. While bleach also has strong cleaning properties and is cheaper, it poses higher risks for the health.

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